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How to: Store your skincare products

 How to: Store your skincare products

It’s the worst feeling when you open your bottle of Vitamin C serum, only to find that the vial of once clear liquid has become yellow and unusable. Storing your skincare can be tricky, so we’ve prepared 4 easy steps you can follow to increase the shelf life of all your beloved serums and creams galore.

1. Close the lid tightly.

Rusting iron, browning of cut apples, and the yellowing of your serums all have in common one thing: oxidation. Prolonged exposure to oxygen can break down and deteriorate the active goodness of your skincare. Have you closed the lid tight enough that the product inside won’t be exposed to oxygen? Check once, check twice, check three times.

2. Make use of your fridge.

If you’ve ever left a lotion in a hot care, you’ve probably been met with a runny, liquidy version of your product. Keep products stored in a cool place to maintain its consistency. But more than that, some products will contain heat sensitive ingredients, rendering them inactive when left in the sun. Your fridge isn’t just for food – it’s dry and cool, making a great home for your skincare products.

3. The bathroom isn’t your cabinet.

It’s common for to place their skin care products in a medicine cabinet over the sink. But, it’s important to know that heat and humidity – factors that are a heaven to breed bacteria, mold and fungi – are also factors in a typical bathroom environment. Because of this, skincare products should always be stored outside of your bathroom.

4. Refrain from touching the product directly.

Much like you should refrain from touching your face with your hands if you suffer from acne, stay away from unnecessary contact with your products. If in the case of a tub, use a spatula. If using a vial, keep the dropper from touching your skin. If it’s a tube, stay clear from the rim.

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